Discovery: Forward
Providence Research Strategic Plan

Discovery Forward demonstrates our determination to tackle the most pressing health challenges, harnessing our unique agility to respond quickly and unconventionally. Our goals and this plan reflect our commitment to causes of local relevance that will also have a significant global impact. Collectively, we boldly embrace our chance to advance the science, empathy, and cooperation that makes us unique. And we must seize this moment to shape the future of Providence Research together.

Our Mission:
Inspired by the need for health and wellness of patients and communities, Providence Research integrates teaching, knowledge creation and translation to discover and deliver disease prevention and dramatically improve care.

Foundational Principles

Many research organizations are all “business” – focused on outcomes. It’s how researchers are trained and incentivized. But at Providence Research, we’re different. Taking time to define our Foundational Principles is a reflection of our belief that how we go about our work is just as important as what kind of work we prioritize. These Foundational Principles create a lens through which all of our research work will be filtered.

Our Vision:

A place where patient-centred research is driven by social justice, and redefines better health and care globally.

Strategic Directions

At Providence Research we spark better ideas by bringing diverse people together. In our view, a diversity of opinions, people, training, and backgrounds leads to better teams and more impactful research. We are also humble learners of Indigenous health research practices and priorities and seek guidance from local Indigenous peoples and territory owners about their health research priorities. We fiercely care about our research and the people it touches and are relentless in our advocacy for them. Our Strategic Directions will help us bring these priorities to life.

Materials Available to Download

We encourage you to download these materials for distribution, and to use the branded templates and logos for Discovery: Forward-related communication and presentations.

Strategic Plan (pdf)
Strategic Plan (pdf)
Plan on a Page Poster (pdf)
Plan on a Page Poster (pdf)
Two-Page Poster (pdf)
Two-Page Poster (pdf)
Powerpoint Template (ppt)
Powerpoint Template

“We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to every single person who participated in the consultations and who shared your ideas, your passion and your energy.”

— Dr. Darryl Knight, VP Research & Academic Affairs

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