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Translating knowledge into practice

Why this?

Given the urgency of actualizing health innovations, we will put our research to work through knowledge mobilization, proactive communications and opportunities to commercialize our research ideas and output.

Desired Future State:

  • The new knowledge we generate is applied to real-world settings as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


  • Create an express pathway to translate knowledge into practice

To activate our research, Discovery Forward has prioritized these actions:

  • Knowledge Mobilization: Make research matter to clinicians, patients and researchers: maximize the benefits through effective translation and exchange of knowledge.
  • Communications: Ensure research results and new knowledge are communicated to research participants and clinicians and researchers in a meaningful and timely fashion.
  • Commercialization: Improve intellectual property expertise within Providence and create mentorship opportunities.
  • Identify and nurture activities that lead to commercialization opportunities.