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Creating new opportunities

Why this?

The research that flows from Providence Health Care has made a global impact in many fields including HIV/AIDS, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sepsis, cardiac valve procedures, renal care as well as mental health and addictions, to name just a few.

Desired Future State:

  • Providence Research is recognized internationally for outstanding people and cutting-edge technology which together, fuel our global impact.


  • Define inclusive themes that optimize resources, build on our expertise, and create new opportunities

In order to amplify our existing strengths, Discovery Forward has prioritized these actions:

  • Chronic Disease Research: Promote and support research partnerships that focus on the prevention and treatment of the chronic complex conditions that contribute to local and global illness burden.
  • Emerging Health Issues: Create the best possible environment to allow our researchers to pivot to address emerging health priorities of critical importance to British Columbians.
  • Technology & Data: Strategically invest in and embrace technology to drive research excellence and innovation including data management platforms, big data/artificial intelligence/machine learning, patient registries, and biobanking.