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Strengthening our research enterprise

Why this?

In this context “Build” is about giving our people the opportunity to learn, grow and feel part of something important; something worthy of their time and talent. For this five-year plan, building also means taking a strategic approach to shaping our physical environment to meet the future needs of our research community, a chance offered to us through the new St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment project.

Desired Future State:

  • We proactively leverage strengths and opportunities to ensure Providence researchers and research teams continue to push the boundaries of excellence.


  • Grow and strengthen our research enterprise


  • Support the recruitment and retention of diverse researchers and staff to enrich our perspective and understanding, to enhance our productivity, and enhance our research excellence.
  • Indigenous Research Knowledge: Structurally embed Indigenous governance and decision-making, research methodologies, and principles throughout the research cycle.
  • Infrastructure: Minimize barriers to research and streamline our administrative processes to better support research excellence.
  • Optimize current and future research space (in the Clinical Support & Research Centre) to create an environment that fosters the sharing of skills, tools and ideas.