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Building an inclusive community

Why this?

We believe that a research community that can successfully integrate a diversity of viewpoints, expertise and experience is a stronger one. Over the next five years, our goal is to make our interdisciplinary and diversity our superpower.

Desired Future State:

  • Our interdisciplinary, partnerships and diversity contribute to both our productivity and our research excellence.


  • Build an inclusive community for stronger research questions and answers of relevance to patients, participants and residents

To better integrate people, teams and partnerships, Discovery Forward has prioritized these actions:

  • Internal Partnerships: Encourage and facilitate Providence-wide research collaborations and partnerships with clinical staff and other Providence entities to inform research priorities and increase opportunities for knowledge sharing and cross-disciplinary involvement in research.
  • External Partnerships: Prioritize and strengthen external partnerships with Indigenous organizations, patient groups, community groups, nongovernmental organizations and other research organizations in alignment with the priorities set out in Direction 1: Amplify.
  • Facilitate the functional interaction of biotech, industry, clinical and academic partners to pursue research questions of mutual relevance.