Through intense consultations this past year, we were able to not only define our priorities, but also crystalize how to capture and communicate our unique qualities. What emerged from those consultations is our collective desire to express more confidence.

There was consensus that now is finally the right time to match our identity to our maturity, our increased global reputation and our impressive track record.

Beyond our confidence, what really stood out from our consultations is our total dedication to our research as well as our passion for social justice, inclusion and diversity.

So, our new tagline We’re all in. has a double meaning. It refers to our extraordinary, one hundred percent commitment to science and to the people we serve which means that every day we show up to work “all in.”

It also refers to our inclusiveness and commitment to social justice, diversity and interdisciplinary; inclusive of patients, residents, research volunteers/participants, community, clinicians, industry, and government. It’s a big tent and We’re all in.

Pursuit of World Class table

We developed our visual identity from these expressions of confidence, commitment and inclusiveness: The stylized letters (both a P and an R) create a bold shape that celebrates the confidence and strength of Providence Research.

The ribbon-like flow of the letters embodies Providence Research’s nimbleness and adaptability to address emerging health issues, something few other health research organizations can claim.

The various gradients symbolize the seamless integration of the different voices that make us unique.

The colours, shapes and gradients also align with the visual identities of St. Paul’s Foundation and the new St. Paul’s Hospital.

Thank you to everyone involved in helping shape our strategic plan and our refreshed brand platform.

Download the Providence Research logo: